We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of BarCreeps‘ new single “Calico” (listen below). The track will be available as a Name-Your-Price single via Little Rocket Records’ Bandcamp, along with the band’s previously released single “Troll.” We also asked the band a few questions to get acquainted, which you can read below while listening to the new song.

Introduce us to BarCreeps.

BarCreeps are Bannister on vocals and shredding, Hendricks on shredding and backing vocals, Campari on pig skins and Railgrind on low-end shredding. We play skate-punk with pride and vigour.

Who are your influences both lyrically and sonically?

Lyrically we’re influenced by science fiction writing, Kurt Vonnegut and Philips K Dick for example, and how the futuristic promise of technology has such an all-consuming influence on our lives today. We definitely want our music to give its audience the respect they deserve in offering something that might be worth thinking about, discussing, considering etc. While we wouldn’t all cite John K Sampson’s bands as musical influences on us, we all admire his lyrics, I think.

Musically while we like loads of different bands, I’d say a couple of influences we could all agree on would be Lagwagon and Fugazi, most of us like Bad Religion, the Promise Ring and the Bouncing Souls, half of us like Strung Out. It works like that.

We’re streaming the single “Calico” today. Tell us a bit about this track.

Broadly, it’s about migration and a reflection on the mass-migration we’ve seen to Europe from African and middle eastern countries, and how Europe has responded to this. It’s astronomical to think about how people with normal lives, families and jobs can have it all threatened or destroyed by war, and how someone might go from feeling like they matter to being simply a resource that is moved or traded like a commodity as part of a global economic or political process – whether it’s by people smugglers or politicians or even the average European who feels so threatened by what ‘immigrants’ might take from them that they lose all perspective in terms of compassion and empathy. Calico, which is quite a beautiful sounding word to the extent that it could be a name, is actually a cheap, mass-produced textile, hence the title.

You’ve teamed up with new UK label Little Rocket Records, how did that come about?

We’re all Paper and Plastick fans, which Mark from the label was involved in so once we’d recorded some tunes we sent them to him and he mentioned he was working with Graeme from Leatherface. Leatherface is another act we all love, and we all have their split with Hot Water Music, so we then just kept our fingers crossed. We’re obviously chuffed to be putting out music with them and working with them.

What is next for BarCreeps, looking at the rest of 2016 and early 2017?

Predominantly we want to play shows. We’re gearing to put out an EP in February, which we’re working on organising now and want to play as many shows as possible in between now and then. We’re also starting to think about an album for next year, we’ve probably got six or so songs ready for it. We’re also sitting on about five songs that we’ll get out somehow as well too, we’re working with the label to decide how and when is best to get them out there.

In support of the new single, BarCreeps will embark on a short tour in southern England. The dates are as follows:

Oct 3 – London – The Waiting Room with Blue States (acoustic performance)
Oct 10 – London – The Brixton Windmill with Burnt Tapes and Terrics
Oct 12 – Brighton – The Quadrant with DANCEHALL
Oct 13 Canterbury – The Lady Luck Bar

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