Bursting with pop hooks and punk progressions, Bellevue deliver rich melodies and slams them through some dynamic rhythmic cruxes on new single “Lights Out.” The track is beaming with infectious melodious with poppy refrains, dancing around with multiple instrumental clashes surrounding the central theme. The three minute track is packed with vivacious orchestrations, extending the band’s range over clever written parts. The Alberta, Canada duo are gearing up to release their new EP, Picking Up The Pieces, via Penultimate Records.

When we were writing the record, we really went for a sound that fans of any music genre could appreciate. Whether they connect with the music or it’s the lyrics that resonate, “Picking Up The Pieces” is a reminder to people that limitations are self imposed and “Lights Out” is an anthem for those facing everyday adversities.

When we were working on the tunes this one was always stuck in our heads. Super dynamic, both the heaviest and the prettiest moments on the record. On the very last day of our week in studio, Cody and Sam wrote and tracked the lead guitar hook while I hung out with Sam’s cat. It was truly the final piece to the puzzle. – Sean Tasker

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Recorded with Sam Guaiana (Like Pacific, Coldfront, Rarity, We Were Sharks and more), together they created an pop punk masterpiece which exceeds all expectations the band have already thrown at their audience, leading to a record deal with the emerging Australian pop punk record label, Penultimate Records.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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