Buck-O-Nine have returned with “Tuff Rudeboy.” The song is full of melodies left and right, utilizing a plethora of instruments to string together one cohesive anthemic track. Thick chords ring out against horn instruments and a raspy vocal tone. This is the time for a new era of Buck-O-Nine, with a new album, Fundaymental, out on April 19th via Cleopatra records.

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Don’t call it a comeback because Buck-O-Nine never left us. Since forming in San Diego nearly three decades ago, the celebrated ska-punk septet have continued to consistently perform live to fans both old and new. In that spirit FunDayMental, their first album in 12 years, proves that time has only made their songwriting skills stronger. The band’s sixth full-length sees them once again combining elements of reggae, rocksteady, rock and punk into a unique amalgam of music that the act has pioneered since 1991. Amazingly, their lineup also features six out of seven founding members and their “newest” musician, bassist Andy Platfoot, has been in the band for 19 years. That sort of history makes Buck-O-Nine less of a band than they are a family and that dynamic is evident on all 14 songs on FunDayMental, which includes the band’s new material alongside reworked versions of fan favorites “My Town” and “Irish Drinking Song.”

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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