New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive premiere of Little Birds by Chilton. The record can be heard below, as well as an interview with frontman Josh Carothers! Vinyl release to follow in 2019, distributed by Dead Broke Rekerds  (

“There is the occasional odd time signature, but we didn’t color very far out of the lines,”  Josh Carothers says of his new Brooklyn-based punk rock band, Chilton. Little Birds is Chilton’s first record, but it ain’t their first rodeo. Carothers has previously been in bands like I FARM and EARWORMS. For this most recent endeavor, Carothers partnered with other veterans of the alternative music scene, including Bill Stevenson of Black Flag/The Descendents/ALL. Musically, Little Birds is a fairly straightforward punk album. It’s fast, catchy, and packs a hell of a punch. “I figured with the first Chilton record, just write stuff that feels good and worry about technical stuff later,” Carothers says. 

Chilton has a very tight sound, which stems from how well the members play together. Carothers and Stevenson, for example, have great chemistry as they are longtime friends. “We just get along really well” Carothers says. “[we] make fun of all the same stuff and don’t take anything to seriously besides the actual music and getting the rad out. I consider Bill one of my best friends and an ancient family member.” 

Purchase “Solar Warden” here

There’s something fun about a back to the basics approach to punk, and that’s what makes Chilton such a refreshing listen. Carothers jokes: “To us, it was important not to make some kind of dickhead record – where everything is so on point, you feel like you’re in trouble while you’re listening. We’re saving that for our Sophomore effort.”



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