New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the song premiere of the hazy “Pink Rainbows” by The Crowleys. The track’s main progression finds its footing through acoustic guitar chords, allowing for atmospheric leads to bring to life the chords, giving the songs a new depth. The second half of the song opens up an entirely different bottle of euphoria as The Crowleys let the song resonate with thicker effects and a snappier drum beat. “Pink Rainbows” is a hazy delight to kick off the week, especially as the finale of the song rolls its way through a piano outro in a hypnotic swing.

“‘Pink Rainbows’ is the first song that we have recorded that we never played as a full band prior to hitting the studio. Cohen wrote the song a while back and recorded a few of the parts, and then the rest of the band kind of wrote and recorded on the fly. It gave a lot of creative freedom and we believe it shows in the final product.” – The Crowleys

The Crowleys are comprised of four musicians from Hamilton, ON. What was once bonding over music in high school has lead to nearly a decade of pursuing music collectively.

When they are not jamming, the boys enjoy looking for an Old Milwaukee Ice sponsorship, playing D&D in the van between gigs, and writing love songs.

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