Founded in 2014, Asheville, North Carolina’s Dead Mothers have written a crushing debut EP. Life is Poison, due out this summer on Bitter Melody Records. In celebration of this announcement we’re premiering their new single “White Squaw.” Check it out below.

Vocalist Olive Ardizoni comments on the track:

“White Squaw” is about cultural appropriation under the guise of “new age” spiritualism and unacknowledged privilege.

It’s a comment on how we, as white people, deny our ancestral connection to the genocide of a people by appropriating from their nearly eradicated culture without accounting for the fact that they are still greatly voiceless and marginalized in our current day society. Whether or not we like it, white people are the face of the oppressor.

I chose to call it “White Squaw” (“squaw” being a highly offensive term that was used to diminish native women) in order to call out my fellow white community in a way that demands that they acknowledge the fact that commodifying and appropriating from a culture that is oppressed is just as, or more, damaging than the words that are used to dehumanize them.

I also want to state that I acknowledge that by using the word “squaw”, as a white person, I am crossing a line for the sake of art, in order to invoke thought, and if anyone finds it to be offensive I am more than willing to accept that, apologize, and hold a conversation free of defensiveness.

Mixing their punk ethos, social awareness, and technical musicianship they have recorded some tracks with Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business in Greensboro, NC.  The result is a tight, monumentally heavy EP. Life is Poison crosses genres of mathcore, grind, and sludge. This album will fit right in your collection between your Gaza, Knut, Pig Destroyer, and Converge albums.


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