New Noise Magazine is grooving this Thursday thanks to the exclusive premiere of “Soundproof” by Destroy Boys. This track utilizes chord progressions switching bouncing to a steady beat, ripping above a tight knit rhythmic pattern. The unique cadence in the vocals is reason enough to continue to listen to this track, as the rattling composition seeps into the ears and doesn’t leave. Take a listen below, and look for more from the band on Make Room, out on 10/19.

“‘Soundproof’ is a culmination of my thoughts and doubts about singing. I used to be skeptical of the praise people would give me and those doubts stick with me to this day. However, I’ve gotten over a lot of those fears, and now I’m sure I sound good. I like to walk around outside before we perform as a way to calm my nerves and get away from people’s attention. It’s a lot! Lots of eyes, judging, and I think “Soundproof” captures my fears pretty well.

Martin Cooke produced the song and he’s an angel. I was able to really focus on myself and my voice in a calm environment, which was something I hadn’t been able to do before. I suppose it’s the opposite of “Soundproof” because while recording, I was totally cool with having the spotlight and owning my voice.

Not everything is as it seems. If you saw me perform, you’d have no idea that I used to be unable to sing because anxiety and fears prevented me from doing so. People present themselves in a certain way, but there are always more layers to what we see. – Alexia Roditis (Lead Vocals)

Oakland based garage rock sweethearts Destroy Boys are showing expansion and demanding reaction on their latest album, Make Room. The female founded and fronted hi-fi rock band has grown since crossing the radar of music fans after a mention by Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong in the pages of Rolling Stone introduced then teenagers Alexia Roditis and Vi Mayugba to rock fans worldwide. Make Room is a departure from the angsty relationship driven anthems of their debut album Sorry, Mom and a look into the inner thoughts of this generation’s riot girls.

Since inking their deal with Uncool Records in 2016, Destroy Boys has been rocking stages and festivals throughout the country, including an invitation to House of Vans at 2017’s SXSW. Both Roditis and Mayugba are also currently full-time students at Mills College so the album title applies to not only to traditionally misogynist music scenes, but also to the duo’s personal balancing acts. “The struggles addressed in the songs are about realizing things about ourselves and issues in our environment as opposed to just relationship problems,” explains guitarist Mayugba, “Alexia and I really dug deep into the core of ourselves and each other while making this record…and we found a lot of great stuff in there.”

Make Room is a simultaneous look in the mirror and step into the mosh pit. The new 10-song album represents major growth for Roditis and Mayugba personally and also for Destroy Boys as a band with the addition of a bass player to their original dirty three-piece sound. Make Room singles “Crybaby”, “Vixen”, “American River” and “Soundproof” showcase the duo’s growth as songwriters and musicians. Mayugba’s driving sonic guitar creating a raw, gritty canvas for Roditis’ ethereal, haunting, and sometimes comical vocals. A raucously introspective road trip to early adulthood, Make Room slows down to sightsee along the way with acerbic, melody driven ballads like “Piedmont” and “Soundproof” which feel like a cross between Blondie and Tragic Kingdom-era No Doubt. High energy anthems like “American River” and “Methatonin” offer a rambunctious juxtaposition of the beauty of Roditis’ voice and the beast of Mayugba’s badass guitar. The perfect soundtrack for slaying the patriarchy or going skating with your friends, Make Room releases 10/19.

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