We’re pleased to bring you the stream of Disaster Strikes’ new song “The Fighting Path” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album In The Age of Corporate Personhood, being released through Alternative Tentacles.

Disaster Strikes is a four-piece political hardcore band from Boston, MA with a message that focuses on social justice and workers’ rights. The band has toured extensively in the U.S. and Canada since joining the Alternative Tentacles roster. In the Age of Corporate Personhood represents the band’s most hard-hitting and relentless album yet. Produced by Boston underground veterans Richard Marr and Jeff Lipton, the new full-length features title track guest vocals by Jello Biafra and artwork by Bill Hauser.

“‘The Fighting Path’ is about the conscious or unconscious choice we all make regarding whether to accept the oppression and exploitation that surrounds and inhabits us or whether we will find ways together to confront it, to combat it, to name it and to not let it stand.

It is also about accepting that we do not fight for social justice because we are guaranteed to win.

We fight either because we have to and/or because we are making a choice to expend a meaningful portion of what relatively little time we have on Earth battling not just for fairness, but for a complete reimagining of what is an acceptable way for human beings and for working people to be treated in life.

After a couple decades of doing just that, you begin to see how vast and how pervasive these mechanized systems of hate and greed that have been built up within us and around us over the centuries really are.

These systems and their surrogates are everywhere. They are disseminated and fine-tuned through industrial circuitry, through the content we consume and are taught, through corresponding and increasingly direct ties to the biological circuitry of the human brain, thus into human deeds and words, and repeat.

At some point, when you choose the fighting path, there’s a process of accepting that you can’t do it alone, but that in certain situations you will speak out and stand alone against the consequences and agents of these systems if and when you must. When this is done together in its best form, it’s called solidarity. When this is done alone in its best form, it’s called courage. Neither guarantees victory, particularly in an age of corporate personhood, but both are worth striving for.” – Disaster Strikes


Disaster Strikes tour 2016

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