Song Premiere: Drowning – “My Response”

New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive premiere of “My Response” by Drowning. Featuring a guest vocal from Jesse Adkins (of Detroit legends Cold As Life and Smash Your Enemies), this is one hell of a bombastic tune. With a flurry of drums, an entire pinch of anger, “My Response” is one nasty track that unleashes a plethora of energy. The guitars are grimy, downtuned and rolling through discordant riffs. Take a listen below, and find the track on the upcoming self-titled release, out on July 20th via Fast Break! Records.

Speaking on the track Drowning vocalist Bryan Grantz said “Jesse is one of my favorite vocalists in hardcore and this is one of my favorite songs on the new album. ‘My Response’ represents the anger and pain of being betrayed. That feeling of doing the most for someone, standing with them through thick and thin and then realizing that you have been used for that person’s personal gain. I keep it 100 in the song and tell them exactly how it is. Loyalty and trust is the most important traits for anybody to have. Once those are broken you have nothing.”

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Grantz along with other members Ryan Kramarz (bass), Marcos Jaramillo (guitar),
Cameron McBride (guitar) and Isaiah Rivera (drums) consider “Gods” to be one of the songs that show their progression from 2016’s debut album EgoTrip to now. Of that development between albums Grantz says “when we started in 2011 we just wanted to write the heaviest music possible but in the last few years we have been just following wherever our influences are coming from, I feel like there’s no ideas or barriers that we won’t explore now.”

Drowning has toured the U.S. and Puerto Rico with such notables as Sworn Enemy, Lionheart and Hoods. The band will embark on their first headlining tour of Europe (including festival dates) this summer.

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