We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Dumb Waiter‘s new song “Greedy As Fuck” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album Cancel Christmas, due to be released May 27th on JUJU Records and Hand to Mouth Tapes.

The band commented: “Remember when John Coltrane, Frank Zappa and Don Caballero all had coffee together? Dumb Waiter does…”

Dumb Waiter is an American avant-jazz rock band formed in late 2012 in Richmond, VA who write a melodic amalgam of math rock, jazz, metal, and punk. The band is comprised of four members who have varying levels of musical education, but have achieved a high level of technical proficiency on their respective instruments. Together they blend a love for heavily distorted tones, melodic complexity, volatile energy, and augmented chord shapes to create “Dumb Waiter”. Thumping blast beats and effected bass grooves lay the bottom layer over which spiraling guitar work and free-wheeling sax noises progress and thrive.

What makes Dumb Waiter unique is their obsession with song construction. Each member represents a different pole of musical upbringing, interests and style choices that meet in the middle to form refined chaos. The quartet feeds off their own differences by constantly challenging one another to play faster, more technically proficient, and yet more melodic. On stage, Dumb Waiter has a playful presence that’s palpable.

In 2013, they self-released their debut album “Is This Chocolate?” with a music video for the song “Vegan Mustache Jazz”. The intensely orchestrated assemblages recall ’70s-era King Crimson and the jazz noise freak-outs of John Zorn’s Naked City. They have since performed shows with Lightning Bolt, Young Widows, Tera Melos, Trioscapes and David Liebe Hart (adult swim/tim&eric). In 2014, they performed at MacRock festival in Harrisonburg, VA and as official showcase artists at SXSW festival in Austin,TX while touring along the way and back.

Dumb Waiter Tour Dates:
4/24 Harrisonburg at Golden Poney
4/29 Richmond w/ Navi @Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
5/13 Greensboro w/ LeBaron
5/14 Durham w/ The Bronzed Chorus @The Pinhook
5/15 Wilmington w/ Youth League @Reggies 42nd Street Tavern
5/16 Savannah w/ Culture Vulture House Show
5/18 Gainsville w/ Screaming Females @The Atlantic
5/19 St. Augustine @ Planet Sarbez
5/20 Atlanta w/ Hello Cobra + Mnt Isl @ The Drunken Unicorn
5/21 Nashville
5/22 Knoxville/Blacksburg
5/23 Blacksburg/Roanoke/Charlottesville
5/28 DC w/ ShowPony @ DC9 Nightclub


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    Waaaaaaaaweeeeeeewaaaa! Sooo very good! Come to Ottawa!

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