New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing the premiere for “Sebastian Bauer,” a song by Orange County, N.Y.’s Elephant Jake. “Sebastian Bauer” is a song that was inspired by a show go-er in Washington D.C., making sure it hits close to the D.I.Y. atmosphere with its raw production. There’s a slight echo on the drums that gives it a more vintage, yet unique sound. The song’s kick begins with the wiry guitars and extremely technical drumming, pushing the soundscape farther with a punk vibe on the clean sound. “Sebastian Bauer” is a single coming off of Classic, out March 17th via Wreck it Records with a co-release from No Moms No Rules Records.

Elephant Jake had this to say about the song, “In June, on our first tour with Furnace Creek, we played at the Electric Maid in Washington D.C. There, we met Sebastian Bauer, who loved our performance, and decided to hang out in our van and grabbed Taco Bell with us. In the parking lot, Sal of Elephant Jake was anxious regarding his new journey to college, away from his girlfriend in Washington D.C. Sebastian assured Sal that everything would be alright, hence the lyric, ‘I’m alright, ask Sebastian.'”

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Elephant Jake formed in 2014 while Colin Harrison and Sal Fratto were juniors in high school. After playing in various bands together, they decided that they wanted to write their own songs, rather than playing bass and drums. Despite living an hour away from each other, they decided to write their debut EP, We’re Movies, by sending iPhone voice memo recordings back and forth, building upon the songs. Reinier Potgieter, a school mate and friend of Colin’s, began drumming for the group and recording the EP with them. A few months after the release, Reinier parted ways with Elephant Jake on good terms. Andrew Demarest began drumming for Elephant Jake in October 2015, and the band embarked on their first east coast U.S. tour in June 2016. After the Cooking Grease Tour, the band decided that they needed a bass player to fill out their soul, recruiting longtime friend Kyle Mabee. With this new four-piece lineup, Elephant Jake is planning to release an LP, Classic, on March 17, 2017.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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