We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Sicilian quintet Elevators To The Grateful Sky‘s new track “We’re Nothing At All” (listen below). The song is taken from the band’s upcoming album Cape Yawn, being released in March 11th through HeviSike Records. Cape Yawn marks a dramatic shift in both gear and sound for the heavy psych rockers who first came to light with the release of their self-titled debut EP in 2011.

Vocalist Sandro Di Girolamo comments on the track:

“‘We’re Nothing At All’ hits about half way through Side 2 of the new LP and we all did our bit songwriting-wise. It’s a straight ahead rocker with a Mastodon-ish, twin guitar riff in the middle made for alcoholic nights.”

Formed by friends Sandro Di Girolamo (ex-Undead Creep) and Giuseppe Ferrara – both of whom cut their teeth as the brutal (and now defunct) death metal set Omega – Elevators To The Grateful Sky pull together and package a diverse range of influences from each band member’s distinct experience. Joined by Bonham-worshiping drummer Giulio Scavuzzo and guitarist Giorgio Trombino the band is a pressure cooker filled to the brim with psychedelic metal, doom, classic and groove laden rock.

Serving their early days in their native Palermo, it didn’t take long for their EP to find its way onto the desk of Swedish label Transubstans Records who jumped at the chance to release their debut album Cloud Eye in 2013. An out-and-out foray into the darkened days of early grunge and straight up heavy 70s rock and roll, fast forward to Cape Yawn and the band has developed even further.

Complimenting and drawing on influences as diverse as Danzig, Fu Manchu and legendary alt rockers Morphine (the song “Laura” on Cape Yawn is dedicated to the band’s lead singer Mark Sandman) to galvanize their songwriting talents, Elevators To The Grateful Sky produce something entirely of their own making. It’s an album that will keep audiences guessing and leave no lover of rock and roll wanting.

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