New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring forth one of the most groovy songs we have heard this year. “Devoted” by Exmaids uses downright thrilling rhythm structures that weave together a punk fueled aesthetic. The song’s syncopation is masterfully crafted with interesting chord progressions and a vocal delivery that rests naturally overtop. The bass bellows between the slapping syncopation, adding a nice low hum to the otherwise treble friendly song. The gnashing tune is off of the upcoming Exmaid release, Fair Sex, out April 6th via Don Giovanni / SRA Records.

“‘Devoted’ is about being terrible at decision-making and the frustration of trying to break bad habits.” – Miranda

“This is a fun one that came together rather quickly. Miranda had this insane choppy and stabby guitar part that had us puzzled upon our first few listens. But once we all got the feel of it and the vocal melody was added, we really took to it. It’s great to play live after one of our slower heavier songs as it re-energizes us and everyone else in the room.” – Larry

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Exmaid began as the songwriting vehicle for Miranda Taylor, a mainstay of the New Jersey punk scene, formerly of Hunchback, Black Wine, and Full of Fancy. As Miranda began circulating demos of what would become the bulk of Fair Sex, she approached Philadelphia post-punk trio Psychic Teens to collaborate and help to flesh out her musical vision. The result retains Miranda’s sweet yet immediate vocal delivery while at the same time expanding the project’s palate to incorporate primal riffing and bleary-eyed noise rock. After playing dozens of shows across the Northeast, the foursome eagerly to entered the studio in Summer 2017 to record their debut full-length.

Exmaid: Miranda Taylor, Dave Cherasaro, Joe DeCarolis, Larry Ragone.

Record release shows:

Sat April 14 at In The West, New Brunswick, NJ

Sat April 21 at Long In The Tooth Records, Philadelphia (w/ Dialer)

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