New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring forth the seemingly underwater soundscape of “Cool Water” by Feel Alright. The guitars pop with their effects, making the track feel dreamlike, wading through a current of pensive thoughts. The slow burn appeal of the song is relaxing, really allowing for listeners to be enclosed by every moment in a refreshing brisk of warm tones. The song will be on the Calgary act’s upcoming LP, In Bad Faith, out via Pleasance Records in June.

“I wrote this song when I was moving back to Calgary from Pittsburgh. I was thinking about the kinds of people who work thanklessly to contribute something vital to the music community, without receiving anything in return in terms of conventional ideas of success, and the cycles of exhaustion and propulsion that characterize being a cultural worker in a place like Calgary.” – Feel Alright

Starting as a recording project by Craig Fahner in 2011, Feel Alright has evolved into a collaborative live project that has found homes in Pittsburgh and Montreal before settling in Calgary. Feel Alright’s infectious guitar-pop songs evoke the studious power pop of Big Star; the nose-thumbing sneer of The Soft Boys; the harmony-heavy sound of early 90s Halifax; and the DIY fuzzy pop of contemporaries like Tony Molina and Sheer Mag. Feel Alright released their first full length LP in 2011 entitled Hahahahahaha, reissued in 2015 on vinyl by Tonal Plexus out of Athens, Greece. The band also released a 2013 7” on Mammoth Cave Records, and a split EP with Toronto’s Century Palm on Planet of the Tapes. Their second full length LP, entitled In Bad Faith, will be released in June of 2018 on Pleasence Records (Toronto).

Feel Alright has toured extensively, playing at venues that vary from a dingy apartment in Athens, Greece to the main stage at Calgary’s Sled Island festival. The band plans to play in a Canadian town near you following the release of their new LP.



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