We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Flower’s new song “Hysteria” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album Death by Internet, which is scheduled to be released on March 31st through Megafuss Records.

Flower frontman Jack Flower comments on the meaning of the song: “It’s gotten to the point where we’re all just lashing out at each other, breaking each other down. It’s fear and hopelessness manifested from isolation and internet addiction. We’re just rabid dogs tearing each other apart.”

Atlanta alt-punk trio Flower gaze into the menacing 21st-century zeitgeist with Death by Internet, the blistering follow up EP to 2015’s full-length debut, Waste of Life. A natural evolution from its deeply personal predecessor, Death by Internet viciously challenges our desperate reliance on an alienating network of disconnected imagery over the course of a three song full-sensory assault.

Relationships, ideas, thoughts, information – with Death by Internet, the band dismantles how we process them all, leaving the listener amidst the pieces of a fractured culture, too complacent to rebuild.


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