New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the song premiere of “Deep Earth” by Flying Horseman. The song comes off of the band’s upcoming record, Rooms / Ruins, out via Unday Records on February 23rd of 2018. “Deep Earth” is a track that highlights the band’s heavily atmospheric presence, gifting the track with plenty of ambience and expansive space. Beside the tranquil vocal delivery, the song’s rhythm is jumpy and detailed with a downpour of melodies.

“‘Deep Earth’ is a love song, warm and affectionate, tinged with sorrow and regret. Musically it’s like a dream in which you start off somewhere in the African desert, wandering. Later on, quite unexpectedly, you find yourself cruising through West Germany, early 1970s. At the end, you somehow end up back where you started.” – Flying Horseman

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Unday Records is proud to announce the new Flying Horseman album Rooms / Ruins, released 23rd February. The follow up to 2015’s acclaimed Night is Long album took them a bit longer than usual, but the result is a collection of 11 lengthy and devastating songs. The new Flying Horseman makes sense as the logical next step in the band’s development but it surprises at the same time, introducing new textures and sound through analogue electronica and sequencers.

Through the years, the Antwerp based Flying Horseman have developed a rich, organic sound that is theirs only. Rooms / Ruins, their fifth album, is a capricious, vibrant and strange affair that will send you inwards before catapulting you into space. It houses many colours and flavours, many contrasting faces. It is focused and purposeful, as much as it is dreamy and ambivalent. It might be a sonic comment on a hard to grasp reality or an increasingly out of control society, or it might be another break up album (though one with decidedly philosophical tendencies). When trying to approach it, it might seem evasive. But later on, it might call you back, asking you to sit down and listen closely, once again.

Flying Horsemen | Unday Records

Photo by Philippe Werkers


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