Following our premiere of ForeverandNever‘s first single “Unbound,” taken from the band’s forthcoming EP All We Know, we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of the second single “Safest Place to Hide” (listen below).

All We Know will be released on May 27th, and can be pre-ordered here.

Band members Tyler Vinatelli, Austin Wright and Stephen Malone talk about the song:

Tyler Vinatelli (vocals):

In “Safest Place To Hide”, I used more a metaphoric type of songwriting, which is something I don’t do often, but it works in some scenarios. In this particular song it tells the story of a boy being from a town where no one pays attention to him, and he’s unappreciated for all he does. All he wants to do is leave his mark on the town. Same with me as an artist and my band. We want to leave something on this Earth that will give and give for years to come. Once he sees that he can’t be fulfilled in his current setting, he burns everything to the ground and escapes for a better life. This is almost how we felt when we moved away from Tupelo, MS. We had to destroy everything to become something bigger but more of a rebirth into something spectacular. “Safest Place to Hide” is my personal favorite to play live and one of my top songs on the EP.

Austin Wright (drums):

“Safest Place to Hide” is the classic run away from home story with a satisfying revenge twist. It follows a man that never felt wanted or cared about in his hometown and how it still didn’t change his path in life. He comes home after escaping his town’s persecution and seeks revenge by burning the town down with everyone in it. It can be taken literally or figuratively, I suppose. I think everyone secretly wants to tell their town to fuck off sometimes, just don’t commit arson.

Stephen Malone (guitar):

Most of “Safest Place to Hide” was something I had been sitting on for a long time and just really didn’t know if it would fit into what we were doing. When we decided we were going to say screw it and just write whatever the hell we wanted, I figured it would be a good time to try to work it into the song. Even though, for the most part, it’s a straight up in-your-face rock song, I feel like “Safest Place to Hide” encapsulates a lot of different aspects of our sound. It’s riffy, but melodic, some what structured, but not standard song composition, and sort of has a cinematic sort of feel to it; in that it has a build up, release, and then a climax. Probably my favorite song to play live. Even though I didn’t contribute anything to this one lyrically, to me, it has some symbolism of hiding behind religious pretense to maintain some sort of social status which is something we all share similar views on.

“Safest Place to Hide” Lyrics:

This town will see the extent of my wrath as i reclaim.
The certainty, that my face will, my face will remain.
They will never ever speak again.
without my name inside their throats
They will never ever sleep again.
This hurt hooked in my bones.

You lay beside me.
I’ve come to haunt your dreams.

They always told me that i’d never ever get away.
But, when the ashes settle, all of you will see it my way.
And, I hope that you will all live with a part of me.
Now the tables have turned, on you.

An amber moon, to match my eyes, get out of town,
before the sunrise. I loved how the gas it smelt, it
covered my hands before the match lit.
I heard the screams, I heard my name, it was so pretty.
It was such a shame. They were unaware.

Burn them to the ground

Check out the All We Know  trailer below.

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