We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Frank Weysos’ new song “Annie Moore” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Teddy Blood, which is scheduled for release on November 11th through Texas Is Funny Records.

“Annie Moore” is a mellow indie song driven by a lo-fi bass melody, programmed drums, and sparse fuzzed out guitars and keys accenting Weysos’ somber reflections. The song centers around the detached refrain “I don’t even care if you don’t care.” It’s all pretty tongue-in-cheek humor, brought to life by Weysos’ slow burning vocals and sporadic instrumentation flourishes.

Frank Weysos comments on the song with a question: “Why are people seemingly more attracted to people who are dicks?”

Frank Weysos is a busy guy. When he’s not directing music videos for bands like Dr. Dog and Heartless Bastards, he’s usually writing songs and playing shows with his band The Hawks (of Holy Rosary). Somehow, at the end of the these long days Weysos found the time to crawl into his bedroom, pick up his guitar and press record. After accumulating approximately fifty bedroom recordings, all of which feel fuzzy and hushed, Weysos managed to cull this list down to fifteen songs for Teddy Blood, his first solo release. Despite what seems like a precipitous process, the songs that comprise Teddy Blood are united by familiar topics—about good and evil, sex and drugs and rock ’n’ roll… and death. Teddy Blood is a collection of songs written around the idea of doing what you love while exploring life’s right and wrongs, before you run out of time.

The record is what Weysos calls a “satanic pop” album that revolves around the same characters and themes of a Christian pop album (God, The Devil, guilt, pleasure, sex, drugs, etc) but this time around the sex and drugs are winning. It’s an album about doing everything, jumping into the shit and swimming around without caution. It’s a record that deals with freewill, brought to life in fuzzy pop nuggets that drift between cartoonish folk and distorted punk.

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