The newest Fucko track drifts through the airwaves with poise. “Who Asked You” is pop driven, featuring that signature Fucko fuzz texturizing the atmosphere. The bass bellows under the vocals with poignant notes that round out the tunes low register. Although a four minute track, the listener is drawn in to the hypnotic pulse of the beat. New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the track with this exclusive track premiere. The song is off of the upcoming release, Social Climber, which is out on May 17th via Midnight Werewolf Records.

“‘Who Asked You’ is a song that, lyrically & personally, I stepped way out of my shell for. it’s really my first ‘I’m pissed off’ song. have you had a terrible person talk AT you, unprompted? sometimes you just wanna say ‘who the f*ck asked you’ you know?” – Sarah of Fucko

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Fucko is a grunge pop band from Boston, MA who formed in 2015 and released their first LP on Black Numbers in 2016. Since then they have toured the US a few times before settling to write for their upcoming LP, Social Climber, releasing on Midnight Werewolf Records.

Sarah- Guitar / Vox
Jake- Bass / Vox
Derek- Drums

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Photo by Omari Spear


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