The newest supergroup to take up instruments is Future Lives, and New Noise Magazine is proud to present their newest single “Kazakhstan” to the world. While 14 people had a hand of performing across their debut release Mansions, the six major components of Future Lives are from previous bands King Of Prussia and The Drive-By Truckers. Led by Brandon Taj Hanick, the newly formed supergroup have an inviting personality to their music, spiraling through multiple genres and moods with taste. Presented today is “Kazakhstan,” a moody track focusing on the softer side of the band’s sonic palette, encompassing a smooth timbre with acoustic instruments. Slide guitars ring out behind the chords, with the vocals harmonizing a collection of lyrics that fit the air of a campfire. This sweet blend of Americana is released along with the rest of Mansions on June 27th.

“‘Kazakhstan”s minor key and melody seem to give it a somber vibe, but lyrically, it’s quite the opposite — almost like the converse of Morrissey’s darker lyrics over poppy melodies. The song is about being blindsided by love — the type of true love that makes someone leave their wandering days behind and never look back. I had been traveling for a pretty long time, staying with friends and in hotel rooms. To pay the bills, I sold pop culture posters to college students and wrote ACT test questions. I played and recorded music as I went. This is the first song I wrote when I stopped in Georgia after meeting Shaliza, the person who I would eventually ask to marry me.

There’s a part of the song that references this story that my wife told me about family friends. The woman in the story — nearly 9 months pregnant — was in an abusive relationship in California when she met the person who would later become her husband. The two decided to run off together — they hopped on his Harley with pretty much just the clothes on their backs and a baby girl in her belly. They drove across the country together, never to return. They rescued each other. True love won.”

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Promo Photo by Shaliza Hanick


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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