New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive song premiere of “Paradox” by Glass Frames. This song’s deep undertones of thick distortion are cut with a vibrant vocal melody, creating a shattering contrast in atmosphere. Take a listen to the song below, and purchase “Paradox,” out now.

“This full-length premiere is an ambitious, cathartic Alternative opus, full of relentless hope. ‘Paradox’ is named after the Spanish word for midnight, this record is an assertion of light in the darkest times we’ve faced. It’s about the truth that we want, but it is the truth we need, the one we’ve known all along. It’s that willful acts of love can and will overpower oppression, fear, selfishness, ignorance, and anything else standing in our way. Glass Frames is already a spiritually and sociopolitically conscious band, but this song takes it further than ever with a nuanced yet unapologetic message of hope from the depths,” said frontman Joey Lyon.

Purchase “Paradox” here

Joey and Ian went to college together and got to know each other in Music Theory classes and an intimate spiritual discussion group. Original drummer Jake Tacher (Cornish College of the Arts) left on amicable terms and recommended childhood friend and talented rock drummer Stephen Hertogs. Travis and Joey both teach music and met when their studios shared a wall. They began chatting and Travis invited Joey to his avant-garde live music and professional modern dance performance at Velocity Dance Center. What Travis did that night required no additional audition. In 2015 Glass Frames rocked a sold-out crowd with The Classic Crime. In 2017 they released an electrifying debut EP to follow-up their hard-hitting singles. In 2018 they closed a successful Kickstarter campaign with over $7,000 to record an album at Electrokitty. That album is Madrugada and it is out May 1.  In support of the release of the album, Glass Frames will put on an epic celebration at LoveCityLove on Saturday January 19th. This is ramping up for their tour of Coastal US and Western Canada in May. The second single will be After All, out March 13.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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