New Noise Magazine is grooving to the beat of “She Don’t Say Goodbye” by Goosebump. The hypnotic avant dance number bursts with quick accents of lead guitars, zooming with melodies. The organ shaking the foudnation in the background gives the song a soundtrack-esque feel, like it’s the highlight of your morning walk out of one’s residence. Take a listen below and let the jabbing feeling to get moving take over!

Goosebump‘s core songwriting duo is Paul Erlichman and Neil Rankin who have been involved in the Toronto avant pop scene for years. The upcoming self-titled album highlights the duo’s individual growth as and the way they’ve grown closer together as collaborators. It showcases a hard-won sense of accomplishment and identity.

“‘She Don’t Say Goodbye’ began as a lo-fi demo for my alter ego Bert Sugar (of the band Body Butter) and found its way into the glorious Goosebump band’s catalogue instead. Lyrically it’s a meditation on saying goodbye to someone despite them being right in front of you and them not really saying anything. A light bit of disco for you to groove to. – Neil Rankin of Goosebump

The name Goosebump might not ring familiar, but the brains behind it have been central to Toronto’s avant pop scene for a while. Over half a dozen years and many band names, Paul Erlichman and Neil Rankin are known by everyone as hand-in-glove collaborators, two strong personalities with an uncanny ability to finish each other’s thoughts.

Their 2016 album Fiji Whizz (released under the band name Germaphobes) had hooks for days, stylish and nimble guitar pop that brimmed with cleverness while not taking itself too seriously. The upcoming record, Goosebump by Goosebump, is a distillation of lessons learned and personal growth from two years of working and touring across North America.

Along the way, they’ve seen some changes: keyboardist Kirsten Dahlin Nolan bowed out after finishing the record. They decided their band name was bad. They started and stopped recording sessions until things felt right, eventually rolling tape at Sonology Studios.

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