New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive premiere of “I-10” by Great Shapes. This indie, warm tune is full of energetic melodies and bouncing syncopations. It’s a thrill of a joyride that sounds like an early coming of summer time, with the windows down. It’s a much needed lift in this December. The band is playing a release show for the single on 12/22 in El Paso. Neil also sat down and wrote a few thoughts about life and the open road below, in correlation with this release. Read, listen and enjoy below!

“‘I-10’ is about parting ways with someone you once loved, and heading towards different directions in life. There’s a bittersweet reminiscence of how things used to be, and all those feelings and emotions come back into existence when you see that person again. It started off as a song about ‘where you could’ve been’, but now it’s a song about ‘where you’re going’.” – Neil Henry of Great Shapes

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“Life to me, is a series of experiences that lead you from one point to the next. Taking the good and the bad and creating something positive about it. Not taking for granted all things we are blessed to have. It’s having compassion and love for people who aren’t as fortunate to pursue their dreams, or even simpler things like being able to walk. Overall, life is unexplainable, unanswered, and still and will always be a mystery. But I believe if you do right on this earth and treat people the way you want to be treated, then you understand what it’s really like to be human. Because that’s what we are, and we all deserve to be treated like humans.”

“Life on the open road is like going on one of the biggest and scariest rollercoaster that exists. It’s fun and exciting, but also scary and unpredictable at times. There are so many good times that happen when you’re going from city to city. You meet amazing people you never knew existed, and see places that just make you think “Wow, this world is beautiful”. However, sometimes it gets a little stressful. You start to miss home, like sleeping in your own bed, or sleeping on something comfortable for that matter. You miss your friends, family, significant other etc. But you embrace the ride and take it with a grain of salt. Then when you’re on your way home, you get the tour blues and don’t want to go back! So it’s definitely an emotional journey and we’re so grateful we get do what we love, which is playing music and traveling.”


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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