“Hebi” swings with ear worm dynamics, hook centered vocals and an attention to melody, Head Spell crafted a song that moves in all directions in its four minute run through, swaying with reflective cleans and interweaving it with a throat belting urgency. The final movements of “Hebi” feature different melodies clashing for space as the vocals fade out pausing before erupting into one final exodus of instrumentals. The closing moments offer a significant and poise in their resolve, leaving the listener in a space of deep thought before hitting replay. Listen to “Hebi” below, and find the tune on the upcoming Head Spell / Big Fan split being released digitally later this month. This song was recorded by Doug Gallo at AGL Sounds

“’Hebi’ is an emotionally charged track about a persons ability to put on a facade and portray a different person than who they really are behind closed doors.” – Head Spell

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Head Spell is an indie group from the Pocono Summit in Pennsylvania. In 2017, the band worked with engineer/producer Billy Mannino to release Take What You Can Get via Honest Face Records/ok sweet record.

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