We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Helioss’ new song “Santhara” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Antumbra, which is scheduled to be released on March 24th through Apathia Records.

“‘Santhara’ is a fast-tempo aggressive song from the next Helioss album ‘Antumbra,’ available March 24th. It has brutal blast-beats, fast & melodic guitars and headbanging break with classical guitars. The harsh vocals from DM give to the song an explosive dimension and blends symphonic black/death metal with the more extreme melodic parts of the metal universe.

The lyrics are about the traditional ceremonial suicide by starvation observed by the Jain in India. Close to their death, they choose to gradually reduce the intake of food, trying to follow the path to the deliverance, or moksha. There are great debates in India to decide if Santhara is legal or not – if it is considered as a suicide or not.”

Pre-order Antumbra here: CD | Digital

Antumbra features 11 new tracks blending the brutality and darkness which define black metal and the light that goes with melodic and symphonic metal. Still with D.M as a singer by his side, Nicolas Muller wrote once again an hour of aggressive and melancholic music where piano parts, orchestral parts and razor-sharp guitar riffs come together. Extreme metal is once again brought together with baroque and epic melodies from the symphonic world, topped by D.M’s ever raging and possessed vocals.

Antumbra was recorded in early 2016 and then mixed/mastered during summer 2016 by Frederic Gervais at Henosis Studios. Artwork by Nicolas Muller.


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