We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of High Hopes‘ animated stream for “The Greater Plan,” a track featuring an appearance by The Color Morale’s lead screamer Garret Rapp. The song comes from their upcoming release Sights & Sounds, available everywhere February 5th, 2016 through Victory Records.

Pre-order Sights & Sounds here.

Vocalist Nick Brooks explains the song, “’The Greater Plan’ is about turning a negative mindset into a positive one. How life is always worth making the most of, even if you believe to have taken a wrong turn or made mistakes, you will always have the gift of life to make your own future. There is no one to impress only to improve yourself as a person and to learn more than you did before.”

On working with Garret Rapp, “We always enjoyed hearing Garret’s vocals on record and thought his style and technique would make a strong contribution to this track. We messaged him on a whim to see if he would reply to which he did nearly immediately! He’s a great guy with a good attitude towards music and the way musicians should be in a modern music industry.”

Sights & Sounds Track Listing:
1. Pale Blue Dot
2. The Callout
3. Revelation
4. Vanguard
6. Nostalgic Thoughts
7. Manipulator
8. Defender
9. The Greater Plan
10. Sights & Sounds
5. MLK

On February 5th, to coincide the release of the album, High Hopes will join Kingdom Of Giants and label-mates Continents to begin their first tour in support of Sights & Sounds. Kicking off in Antwerp, Belgium, the tour invades Europe as hits countries including Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Germany and many more before wrapping up in the Netherlands on February 28th. See all their tour dates here.


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