Equipped with delicate tones, plaintive vocals, bittersweet lyrics, and a powerful message, New Jersey’s Hit Like A Girl are back with a new single entitled “Cold To Be Alone.” Taken from their forthcoming sophomore LP, What Makes Love Last, the song finds founder Nicolle Maroulis blossoming from a solo act into a commanding frontperson, currently backed by drummer Mona Patel, bassist Jaek Dunlevy, and guitarist Andrew Vigoureux. For the new record—which follows up their 2017 debut LP, You Make Sense—the band have also found a home on Georgia’s Chatterbot Records, a “robot record label made up of music with heart.”

If one were forced to narrow Hit Like A Girl down to a single keyword, “heart” is a perfect fit. Maroulis’ lyrics and vocals imbue “Cold To Be Alone” with an openness and sincerity so stark it’s downright disarming, while the song’s gentle progressions and cool, watery guitar tones trickle down your consciousness like drops on a window pane. Indeed, the day is rainy, the light filtering through the glass is blue, and the ennui is palpable, but it’s impossible to feel cold or alone when wrapped in Hit Like A Girl’s sonic embrace.

“The song is about dealing with the aftermath of something happening to you that completely turned your world upside down,” Maroulis says of the single. “It’s about that feeling of being trapped inside your own head and feeling like there’s nowhere to run—and, certainly, no one to talk to. It bottles up inside you, tearing you apart from the inside out, and before you know it, [it] just explodes, and you’re left with the emptiness, the cold feeling of being alone.” 

The band’s heart extends beyond their music as well. Maroulis is an outspoken queer and non-binary artist who runs the nonprofit organization No More Dysphoria alongside Sunrot’s Alex Dobrowolski. Rather than sell their own band’s merch at live shows, Hit Like A Girl sell merch for No More Dysphoria, the proceeds of which go toward helping trans and non-binary individuals pay for expensive aspects of their transitions. Lost love is a recurring theme in the band’s work, but their love for their community is boundless.

“Cold To Be Alone” and What Makes Love Last continue to plunder the personal and emotional depths that have become Hit Like A Girl’s trademark, but they also display a newfound maturity of sound and vision. Pick up the new record from Chatterbot Records this fall and invite Hit Like A Girl into your heart. We promise they won’t break it. 

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Photo by Kelli Green


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