New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the urgent new single from Minneapolis’ Holler House, “End.” The song’s use of pressing shouts is a thunderous roar above elements of noise rock, seared with melodic guitars and a snapping drum beat. The song’s tone shifts are quick (that quick pulsing beat at 2:06 being one of the best ones). With a song that isn’t afraid to dive into any possibility, Holler House is an exciting band with plenty of style (stay tuned for that ending). The song appears on the split they’re putting out via Chicago indie Label Jetsam-Flotsam with another MN band, Technician, out March 3rd.

“The lyrics in ‘End’ reference our old bands, old relationships, old friends, and the burden of simply growing older. It’s probably about dying too. I think almost all of Holler House’s songs are kind of about death, ha. But our willingness to leave our past, despite its firm grip, is what we wanted to express. The song is noisy and effects-forward, at times chaotic, to capture some of the distancing feelings we’ve learned. The outro contains a clip from a 1950’s US Army video entitled ‘Personal Hygiene’, tying up the notion of nostalgia usually including an outdated, insincere, and mostly-immature version of ourselves.” – Alan Erbach

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Track Listing:
1. Holler House – “Guilt”
2. Holler House – “End”
3. Holler House – “Tolerance”
4. Technician – “Cuppa”
5. Technician – “Prism Of Whatever”
6. Technician – “Steve Song”

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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