New Noise Magazine is energized by the premiere of “Bug” by Hot Knife. The song utilizes rhythm accents that are fueled by pure energy, lasting only a minute but punching with chord progressions that beg to be remembered. The vocals are cut perfectly, never over the top or intruding but giving the song a needed slate to exist with. The song is off the upcoming album, My Fangs, released by Black Numbers on September 8th.

“‘Bug’ was the first song I wrote for Hot Knife, and I’ll be perfectly honest with you: I really don’t remember what it was about. Luke wrote the lyrics to the first verse, so if there was originally a topic that I was writing about, it wound up not really being cohesive anyway.

The main driving verse riff was inspired by an old Let It Burn song, from the album Here’s To Goodbyes.

Also kind of a funny note about the very last line of the song, ‘with the moon in the morning and the sun at night.’ I got it from an old Ricardo Montalban film, which I saw while visiting my grandmother. The original line was, ‘I got the sun in the morning and the moon at night,’ in other words, everything is alright, the sun is going to rise tomorrow. I thought it was kind of a cool line, but would fit a little better with the song if it was reversed, since the theme of Bug was more about how things were not alright, and my brain was kind of scrambled.

This is actually the second time we recorded this song, as well as My Old Friend (another song on this EP). We’re much happier with the way they came out this time, and a lot of that can be attributed to Jesse Cannon and Mike Oettinger, who recorded/produced it at Found Soundation. They are very polite boys.” -Vic Castello

Pre-order My Fangs here.



Since forming in the Fall of 2015, Hot Knife has been steadily crafting melodic, riff-driven, punk songs in their Brooklyn, NY rehearsal space. They released their self-titled debut 7″ on a flexi-disc in 2016, and haven’t stopped working on new material since. Immediately following the release of the 7″, the band started writing the material that would become “My Fangs” while simultaneously playing shows with The Flatliners, Red City Radio, Make War, and a plethora of others.

Hot Knife recorded My Fangs with Jesse Cannon and Mike Oettinger over the course of a few days in the spring of 2017. Black Numbers will be releasing the EP on a one-sided 12″ on Sept 8th, just in time for everyone to sing along while they stage dive into a sea of PBR and sweat during Hot Knife’s set at this year’s Fest in Gainesville.

This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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