Photo by Aaron Kudler

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Hounds‘ new song “Dark World” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming second EP titled II, scheduled for release this July on Panic State Records via cd/digital/vinyl and Blasphemour Records on cassette.

The band comments on the song: “‘Dark world’ is about building walls around yourself, failing to let anyone in, blocking out people who care about you, and trapping yourself inside preventing any kind of help. It’s about thinking maybe you could climb out of this hell you’ve created, but know the outside world is just as horrible, so you sit and dwell in the darkness you’ve created.”

Hounds are a three-piece “blackened hardcore” band, called so to describe their ability to seamlessly blend the ferociousness of hardcore with the pain and anguish of black metal. Having previously been described as “melancholy incarnate”, “energetic malice” and “nihilistic, vicious, bleak…” Hounds are here to deliver an overwhelming feeling of fear and despair. Having formed in 2013, Hounds did not actually begin playing shows until the middle of 2014 and did not release any material until the beginning of 2015 which was immediately picked up by Blasphemour Records (USA) and Resting Hell (Indonesia) for cassette releases. Since then Hounds have truly set out to make a name for themselves having covered a fair amount of the Northeast and playing with some of the heaviest hitters in their genre today including The Banner, Old Wounds, Exalt, Of Feather and Bone, Hollow Earth, and many more.

Hounds Tour Dates:
4/30/16 – New Brunswick, NJ w/ Enigma Machine
5/15/16 – Boonton, NJ w/ Bleak
5/20/16 – Atlantic Highlands, NJ w/ The Banner
5/28/16 – Toms River, NJ w/ Nights of Malice
7/2/16 – Montclair NJ w/ Of Feather and Bone

w/ Sovereign
7/8/16 – Scranton, PA
7/9/16 – Philadelphia, PA

w/ Ether
7/11/16 – Montclair, NJ
7/12/16 – Brooklyn, NY
7/13/16 – TBD Upstate, NY

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