Idiot Genes photo by Terrence Doyle

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Idiot Genes’ new song “iScratch” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album Oof Bonk, which will be released on September 23rd through Midnight Werewolf Records.

Idiot Genes vocalist/guitarist Pete Bayko comments: “This one’s kind of gross. Basically it’s about having an itchy butt. That’s honestly all it’s about. The only not gross thing about this song is it was written after listening to Fiona Apple a lot.”

Pre-order Oof Bonk here.

Idiot Genes Tour Dates:
10/03 – New York, NY @ Cake Shop
10/05 – Jersey City, NJ @ The Citizen
10/07 – Atlanta, GA @ 97 Estoria
10/10 – Nashville, TN @ Queen Avenue
10/11 – Murray, KY @ Terrapin Station
10/12 – Chicago, IL @ Quenchers
10/14 – Mansfeild, OH @ Relax, Its Just Coffee

Oof Bonk is a twisted album of dirty garage punk and party grunge, it’s sarcastic and brash, an attitude that Idiot Genes wear proudly in their live shows and snotty punk anthems. They smoke weed, they crack jokes, they like to make crushing riffs with howling vocals and sneering charm. The band’s first full length (following two well received EPs) is the quartet’s first foray into an actual studio with the full band coming together to write together as a cohesive band. Influenced by bands like Pixies, The Breeders, The Dicks, Nirvana and NOFX, there’s a strong 90s vibe, but the band take as much inspiration from the Allston rats, booze, and drugs as they do the legendary bands that came before them. They revel in the grime and dirt of the city, and it works for them.

Idiot Genes met while attending the New England Institute of Art and have developed a knack for drawing their own brand of vicious slacker art from the mundane. Oof Bonk focuses (as much as Idiot Genes ever focus) on everyday occurrences and experiences… growing up in a small town, coffee, dentists, work, free time and weed.

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