illiterates have created a whole world of discovery in their music on Goddamn Gun-Toting Junkie Camaro Enthusiasts. “Beer Commercial” is a fuzz driven tune ready to pull people’s comfort out from under the rug. illiterates is causing a stir, and one hell of a powerful one at that.

“From the moment we wrote this song, I had this image of a beer commercial where hot spring breakers are cracking open tall boys while the biblical rapture is happening all around them. It morphed into this commentary on how I feel I’d deal with the end of the world. Just a bunch of wild atheists and agnostics playing both sides like war profiteers. We’d make our own destiny by ‘plagiarizing the Book of Life’ and ‘treating Gehenna like it’s Club Med.’ Is it blasphemous? Meh. Who cares. An Armageddon where everyone is judged and either sent to paradise or a torturous hell is really binary. Can you choose neither and go on with your day? Can you hack the apocalypse? Grift judgement day? In the end, we’d probably just die like the rest of humanity. The juxtaposition of over-the-top sexy people spilling beer on their tanned bodies while simultaneously being confronted with the horror of the end of the world is beautiful. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch all these people get ripped to shreds by the beast from the sea while the rest of us are sneaking party zombies out of Sheol?” – illiterates


Based out of Los Angeles and Atlanta, illiterates are gearing up to release their new LP, produced by Ed Rawls (Black Lips, The Coathangers, Those Darlins), on June 14th via Baby Robot Records.

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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