New Noise Magazine has something special below to kick off this week! Dad Brains, a band that is centered around the idea of punk dads, is premiering their newest single “Baby Jail.” It’s a loud, quick tempered tune that runs through various punk chord progressions with a kinetic surge of two-steps and lyrics that relate to being a parent. It all started in the fall of 2017. Reformed drummer turned singer Pat Pedraza became a Daddy at the ripe age of 40. Being of Latino descent, he was a bit late in the game…but none the less, his emotions skyrocketed with love, fear, anxiety, and all that stuff New Daddies think of when they realize that it’s not about “you” anymore.

With Father’s day just around the bend, get stoked on life as a dad thanks to Dad Brains, whose EP is dropping on June 15th. Take a jolt of electricity via “Baby Jail” and read an awesome interview with the band exclusively via New Noise magazine!

Dad Brains, how does it feel being a father in the punk community? 

John C– It actually feels pretty damn awesome. I’m not sure how it’s in other places, but here in Oxnard/Ventura we have a pretty solid scene that goes back decades. I have a joke that no band from Oxnard ever dies, because you can still see some form of the original Nardcore bands still playing today. Most of them had kids and found a way to stay active musically throughout the years. My close friends and band mates who are around my age have all had kids( I was late to the game having mine at 39) Every single one of them couldn’t verbalize the feeling you get looking at your baby for the first time, “it’s just something you have to experience to understand” is what they would say. So once mine was born, I got that feeling & understood what they meant. It made me feel like I was now part of this exclusive parent club. Lucky for me I have an amazing wife & this great group of friends who are parents so it made the transition into fatherhood pretty awesome!

How has your brain adapted while undergoing the transformation into fatherhood?

Pat– We’ll I don’t actually think my brain will ever fully adapt…and if it does, I’m certainly not there yet. When my Wife first told me she was pregnant, my first response was “Am I still going to be able to surf?” Yes, I really did say that…it just came out so naturally. I know I know-typical guy syndrome.. When you have a baby, lots of people give you advice. Some good, and some you just kinda roll your eyes at when they’re not looking haha. The best advice someone gave me was that it’s gonna be different everyday…and it really is. One thing that really sticks out for me though is, I’m in the process of adapting not to be so selfish. It’s freaking crazy how self absorbed I was and still kinda am. Before…It was, my life, my surfing time, my workout time!!! Me! Me! Me! Me! and Gosh “I’m so cool!!!!”…Now, I realize more and more everyday how much Im Not cool haha. Its not about me anymore… and that’s scary but actually really liberating at the same time. It’s kinda weird in a way because I worry less about what I need, but I’m more worried about what my daughter needs…and I do worry a lot. She’s only 8 months old and crawling, so she’s falling and bumping her head a lot..I’m already thinking about her going into high school and boys looking at her! Boys like me when I was that age….NO!!!! Stay Away!!!!!! I think I might be the P.E teacher at her school so I can know what’s going on at all times. Seriously.

I love my Wife and my daughter so much it’s scary..I don’t wanna imagine my life without them.

So, I’m actually accepting this brain transformation into fatherhood. It changes you so much. I like my life way more now then I ever did before. I think I answered the question? Right?

Tell us about the idea for new music every Father’s day, how did that come about? 

Craig– Well, since were all dads, it only seemed appropriate to give back to the punkrock father community. Father’s day is a weird one because even at it’s best, you still rarely get what you want, which is peace and quiet. Instead, you get woken up at the asscrack of dawn to have your kids yell at you and make you eat something resembling breakfast, open the presents you basically bought yourself, then spend the rest of your day entertaining the kids to show how great of a father you’re supposed to be. This is obviously still all worth it because being a father is the hardest/raddest thing any man can do.  We just figured that if we could give a real father’s day gift to the punk rock family, maybe some goofy songs that dads can relate to would be a start.

What are some examples of lessons you have learned about being a father that you never processed before?

Matt- That the kids are the ones I need to learn from. My son,6, reminds me daily, the importance of slowing down, dressing like a pirate and playing with bugs. My daughter, 11 going on 16, has shown me that she is creating her own path, and is not interested following mine. The fact that she listens to One Direction and Taylor Swift on repeat while I have an insane record collection available to her in the living room  boggles my mind. She doesn’t care!!! She does her thing, her way, am I’m just scratching my head trying to figure out how this could have happened.

Who inspires you to create and continue this project?

Craig- Dad Brains inspiration comes from our Ventura family. There are an alarming amount of kids within our groups of friends, all of which are parented by band members-former or current of the local punk/hardcore/metal scene in Ventura/Oxnard. It is incredibly rare to have a group of parents/friends that raise their children together like our community does. All our parties are now no less than 15 kids ranging from teens to babies, everyone gets along and for all the people we know, I do not know one terrible kid or parent. Unlike the generation we were raised in of divorced/deadbeat parents and latchkey kids. Everyone we know is trying to be a little better than their parents and I feel that our community is an inspiring example of how the DIY ethos can reflect into every part of life.

Any last words?

Props to all the single Moms and Dads trying to do their best in whatever situation they’re in-Its challenging enough with 2 parents. If your feeling down, listen to Dad Brains first EP coming out this Friday 6/15. If that doesn’t work, check out our video for “I’m Old.” If Dad Brains can’t bring a smile to your face, then we failed at our job…but that’s ok, because we all make mistakes my friends….

Dad Brains will see you in the future if we play shows. Dad Brains will not play unless there’s a Jolly Jumper. Thanks.

Peace out.

Dad Brains.

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