We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Iris Jupiter’s new song “Life Pile” (listen below), taken from the band’s self-titled album.

Iris Jupiter vocalist/guitarist Devan Fuentes comments: “When we started co-writing the song, most of the lyrics came out in rehearsal before I had a chance to put it on paper. As natural as it was to write the song, I still had to figure out what I was singing about; hanging out with people who make you feel alone.”

Southern California’s Iris Jupiter is a successive collision of down-tuned power-pop riffs and noisy shoegaze, with steady, beating pulses of hardcore shoring up the project. Bassist Nadya Diaz and guitarist/vocalist Devan Fuentes (of Red Curtain) began collaborating with Cole Sattler in February 2016, and within a few months’ time of writing and rehearsing the newly formed Iris Jupiter put out their debut release Zero Cool on Pacific Nature Recordings.

They didn’t hesitate to take Southern California’s newest show out on the road, touring and performing with names like Sheer, Hemingway, Pardoner, Fish Breath, Mossbreaker, Justus Proffit, and Winter Break. The trio hit the studio in September with Alex Estrada at The Earth Capital (Silver Snakes, Touche Amore, Joyce Manor) to work on their self-titled album, which will be releasing January 2017 with a West Coast Tour.

Upcoming Shows:
November 5 – Santa Ana, CA at The Frida Cinema [Facebook Event]
November 11 – Fullerton, CA at Programme HQ [Facebook Event]


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