New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive premiere of “Pillow” by Isla Invisible. The atmospheric track has beautiful synths swelling behind the main progressions, adding a delicate touch an already mellow experience. This a soothing way to soar into the weekend. The song can be heard below. Find “Pillow” on the upcoming EP1 out on September 28th.

“It’s mainly about slowly waiting for something to end instead of putting an end to it. And starting something new.

This started as a vocal melody. We’d been kicking it around for a few a while and tried multiple arrangements but none of them seemed to really work. Normally we write the music first and then the vocal melody but in this case it was the opposite so it proved to be a challenge. Towards the end of the recording sessions for the EP we decided to give it another try. I thought wall-of-sound guitars during the chorus would make a nice contrast with the pretty/delicate vocal melody. Once we recorded this version it was obvious we had finally gotten it right.” – Julian Brau

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Isla Invisible is a NYC trio that creates a melodic, dark, and lush atmosphere in their experimental approach to music. Rebecca Adorno (PR), Julian Brau (PR), and Ryan Correira (MA) are longtime friends and collaborators motivated creatively as islanders to compose unique soundscapes.

In the late 2000’s, Julian Brau (lead guitar/vox) and Rebecca Adorno (lead vocals) started first collaborating on their former project, Suturee, self-releasing an album in Puerto Rico. Following that release they moved to New York City, where Ryan Correira (drums) joined them.

Recently the three decided to start a new project from scratch and named it Isla Invisible. The title suggests thoughts after books such as Invisible Cities and the concept of the “non-place”: a space of transit where humans come and go as they please, to the point where the term “place” gets obsolete and the space becomes more of an abstract idea. The music stokes these ideas with its near ethereal qualities. The band cites influences from Portishead, Cocteau Twins, Smog, and Stereolab. Their debut EP is a perceptive nod to the past and an intriguing look into the future. We hope you enjoy it.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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