We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Knifey’s new song “‘Tanlines” (listen below). Knifey comments on the song:

“Cutting through the bleak twilight of winter in Toronto, we’ve put together ‘Tanlines’ which is a nostalgia-fuelled chronicle of better, warmer – and more naked – times. With desperate energy, the song reaches for the not-too-distant memory of a lover’s touch made soft by seawater and tropical air. The song’s essence is certainly fantasy material for blurry late night trips on decrepit streetcars.”

“Tanlines” is a wash of reverb, the nostalgic longing for the ideal California lifestyle. The often dour reality of urban life are blended into a mélange of surf riff-driven chord progressions. It’s in the unrelenting momentum of the track that showcases the band’s punk edge. Feedback competes with the summertime melodic undertones. The song may be an ode to summer, but it’s one that shouts for the joy of the sunshine. There’s no time to wait in Knifey’s world. The beach can’t come soon enough.

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