New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive premiere of “Mirror Mirror” by Levy & The Oaks. The track features a plethora of beautiful harmonies, including an echo’d vocal motif that keeps the song’s ambience consistent. This is a tune full of atmosphere and blissful melodies. Take a listen below!

“Misguided in a word of perfect. ‘Mirror Mirror’ tells the all too well-known story of a troubled teen struggling with a skewed self-image. Portrayed by a Ballerina, our dancer is beautiful despite what she sees in the mirror, despite how she’s treated in school and on social media, and despite all the other pressures and hardships of growing up in a world full of perfection. She must learn to overcome and love herself for who she is despite the ever-growing hatred around her. After all, she is beautiful and so are you.” – Lou

The grassroots rock-pop trio includes Levy Okun, Lou Panico and Chris Colon who together, have curated a unique fusion of pop and rock, while paying tribute to a classic rock and Americana sound.

They released their single, “Obsessive Love” just a month ago, and have already pumped out another great single showcasing their mature, refined sound. This consistency will prove beneficial for the trio in the future as the frequency and quality of their music continues to grow.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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