New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive premiere of “Lifesucker” by Lofi Legs. As the name suggests, the project focuses on how the atmosphere can play into the construction of time.

“The song ‘Life Sucker’ is about how time endlessly takes away from life, and all things that are living. The chorus of the song evokes a feeling of the world rejoicing in rhythm with times endless take. Instead of wallowing in sadness over an unstoppable force the song uses the pressure to move swiftly and confidently through shifting spaces. The songs lyrics and melody echo lofi Indie greats such as Pavement or Built to Spill while still holding its own clean unique style.” – Lofi Legs


Conceived in the waters of Arroyo Seco, forged in the Bay Area DIY scene, Lofi Legs is a
SF-based power trio writing songs about falling in love, dropping acid, and buying horses.
Starry-eyed love ballads share space with rampaging party songs. Formed by Paris Cox-Farr
and Maria Donjacour, the band has in recent years blossomed into a three-piece with Daniel
Bromfield on keyboards. Big pLAMBns ahead…

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Photo credit/cover art credit is Winnie Christian


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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