New Noise Magazine is in a relaxing vibe thanks to Tortonto’s Low Sun. Today, we are pleased to be bringing the band’s newest single “Into Sun” to the world. The song has a bit of a drone experience to it, with the guitar riffs winding together with different variations off of a few notes. Low Sun make the song feel like a ritualistic experience, giving forth the idea that music is the most basic of all routines, and one that is universally shared. “Into Sun” is the exact embodiment of that, with vocals that wrap around the expansive guitar heavy song, with a rhythm section keeping a steady beat the entire way through. The track is taken from a split called Human Sun which is the combined effort of Low Sun and fellow Toronto band HUMANITIES. The split will be out July 13 via Art of the Uncarved Block and features two songs from each artist.

“Lyrically I wanted to experiment with how I could dissect and ultimately expand on the seemingly mundane experiences we tend to let pass us by. Mostly, I was curious as to what separates an everyday, or random observation, with one that is powerfully religious in its essence. Sometimes we are unaware that attention and perception are the only things that separate the two.” – Low Sun

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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