New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth this exclusive stream of “Holistic” by Luciano Ferrara. Starting as a solo artist, Ferrara has grown a capacity for emotionally riveting tunes and poetic lyricism. The song “Holistic” will off the upcoming EP The Hidebehind. Listen below!

“As the first Ensuing Disaster song to be released, and the first song on the EP, I feel like ‘Holistic’ does a great job of introducing people to the new full band sound. The music is dynamic and fun, but the narrative is somber. It’s about feeling out of sync in a constantly changing environment, and how to overcome that naturally. Everything is holistic, everything is connected.” – Luciano Ferrara

Beginning as a solo artist, Luciano Ferrara spent the better part of eight years releasing music as an acoustic songwriter. Now, with The Ensuing Disaster, Ferrara has transitioned to full band, combining his unique style with the skills of other talented musicians to bring a new breed of folk rock to the modern music community. Adding new dynamic to the high energy performances Ferrara is known for, The Ensuing Disaster is an enigmatic experience that can be enjoyed by all.



This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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