New Noise Magazine is stoked to be premiering the song “Les nuits célestes” from the ever so dreamy Lunar Landscape. This track is a bliss to enjoy, really driving home the tangible touch of ambience.

“‘Les Nuits Célestes’ was inspired by the hope I felt when I was young, growing up in Gradignan, France. I was quite a hyperactive child, excited by so many things! I tried to channel this energy in the song – that buzz you get when the night is just beginning, the smell of the fresh air, and feeling profoundly connected to everything around you. Essentially it’s a celebration of nature, youth and possibility. I hope listeners will feel the same kind of connections in the song”. – Arnaud Sigonney

The Infinite Pleasure of Being effortlessly traverses piano-led neo-classical works and epic shoegaze numbers. Whether drawing grand melodic shapes during extensive instrumental passages, or beckoning the listener close with hushed vocal incantations, these songs map out epic emotive terrain that rewards deep exploration. Right from the opening guitar chimes and stratospheric organ tones of ‘Chaque Seconde de ta Vie’ through to the Holst-inspired ‘Virtual Grey-Eyed Child’, The Infinite Pleasure of Being dictates its own sense of scale. Whether employing charmingly child-like tones in the Flaming Lips-esque ‘Something I Feel’, or laying down satisfyingly gritty rhythms on ‘Les Nuis Célestes’, Lunar Landscape effortlessly adapt their instrumental palette to suit their songcraft.

Expanding on the progressive shoegaze of previous incarnation Beautiful Lunar Landscape and the instrumental rock of sister project Les Limbes, the album is a definitive statement from principal songwriter Arnaud Sigonney (piano, keyboards, guitar, vocals). Back in 2007, Hidden Shoal released Sigonney’s previous band Beautiful Lunar Landscape’s stunning debut EP Alone in this Dark Romantic Night, which received widespread critical acclaim. He then took a break from music, before returning with instrumental rock band Les Limbes in 2015. The songs that comprise the debut album by new project Lunar Landscape have been written throughout Arnaud’s musical life. The Infinite Pleasure of Being was recorded by Marco Gomes at Studio Carat with a new band in 2016, featuring Les Limbe’s Yoann Roy (bass), Franck Lantignac (drums), Line Senium (piano) and Marine Hebard (vocals).

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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