New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the song premiere of “Bitter Babes” by MeanGirls. The song’s frenetic energy is unleashed immediately with a constant crashing drum pace. The guitars have a presence that rings out with introspection or pushes through the powerful rhythmic presence. A raw atmosphere enables the song’s gritty emotion to sweep through the listener’s ear with terrific grace. It’s a short, two minute banger, and everything about “Bitter Babes” rings loud with urgency and care. The track is off of the upcoming release, Is This Me Forever?, out via Community Records on June 15th.

“I recall feeling really embarrassed election night 2016. My perspective about American politics was immediately shattered. Months later, Texas tried to pass a bathroom bill that barely failed. I wrote this song about the circular fear and anxiety over bathrooms and trans people. It’s a little bit self pity, but it’s more about empowerment. Fuck everybody else, go pee in whatever bathroom you damn well please.” – Raine of MeanGirls

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Community Records is pleased to offer Austin TX band Mean Girls’ second full-length Is This Me Forever?. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Raine continues the jangling guitar and confessional lyricism shown before on Squirm (Close Quarters Coalition) with a fuller production that offers more of bandmates Morgan and Marcos’ rhythmic impact. For this, Is This Me Forever? is packed with catchy, chaotic indie punk/emo/post-hardcore anthems and candid solo overtures with incisive, contemporary rhetoric throughout that’s likely to bring almost any listener into a common space with Raine – an intersectional existentialism and critique expressed in such powerfully played and worded ways that any track could be someone you know’s new theme song. Mean Girls’ Is This Me Forever? is here to be as warm and energetic or sad and lonely as you make it, just like spring.

All songs written and performed by Meangirls
Guitars -Raine Hopper, Morgan McCoy
Bass -Marcos Rocha
Drums -Ben Arthur Sams
Vocals -Raine Hopper, Morgan McCoy
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Phillip Odom at Bad Wolf Recording
Mastered by Carl Saff
Cover art by Phillip Nichols
Layout by Greg Rodrigue and Raine

Additional writing credit: Drums on tracks 1, 2, 3, and 5 based on drum parts originally written by Tommy Rabon
Special thanks to Ben Arthur Sams (of Honey&Salt) for saving this record with his extraordinary percussion abilities.


all dates w/ Granddad

Thu, April 19 at J7J’s Pizza in Denton, TX
Fri, April 20 at 700 Pine in Little Rock, AR
Sat, April 21at Betty’s Grill in Nashville, TN
Sun, April 22 at Blockhouse Bar in Bloomington, IN
Mon, April 23 at SubT Downstairs in Chicago, IL
Tue, April 24 at Rock Room in Pittsburgh, PA
Wed, April 25 at Everybody Hits Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA
Thu, April 26 at Brooklyn Bazaar in Brooklyn, NY
Fri, April 27 at O’Brien’s Pub in Boston, MA
Sat, April 28 at L’webster in Washington D.C.
Sun, April 29 at Milestone in Charlotte, NC
Mon, April 30 at Bughouse in Jacksonville, FL
Tue, May 1 at Wolf’s Den in Tallahassee, FL
Wed, May 2 at Hey Cafe in New Orleans, LA
Thu, May 3 at TBA in Houston, TX
Fri, May 4 at Beerland in Austin, TX


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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