Diving into the eclectic yet infectious side of genre bending is MUNNYCAT. The group are premiering their new song “Go-Go A-Go-GO” right here at New Noise Magazine! With a bouncing poignancy and an energetic sharpness, the track rolls through flashes of hypnotic beats with a sense of style. The production shines bright even if the song is socially awkward. Take a bite out of today with this emphatic single.

“We seem to have the most fun when we take really left-field musical genres and run them through our brains to make something new, and we had been spending a lot of time at the tiki bars around LA. It was almost a dare, but we wanted to see if we could take some groovy, surfy, bossa nova type shit and turn it into an over-the-top MUNNYCAT song. Lyrically, Go-Go A-Go-Go is a social anxiety anthem. It’s about those nights you go out to unwind with a few friends and the rest of the world just isn’t having it.” – MUNNYCAT

LA-based producers K808 & Khaledzou make up the noise pop duo MUNNYCAT, a two-person project in its totality; the couple write, produce, and shoot and edit their own videos together, lending new meaning to the phrase ‘dynamic duo.’ With over 100 commercial syncs including Fenty Beauty, eBay, Google, and Target, K808 + Khaledzou are well-seasoned producers. As MUNNYCAT, they blur the lines between sugary-sweet pop and golden-age hip hop for a resulting sound that’s confident, creative, and completely infectious.

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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