Myka Relocate are gearing up to release their sophomore album The Young Souls on October 30th via Razor & Tie/Artery Recordings, and in anticipation we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of the band’s new single “Damage” (listen below). You can purchase the album on iTunes here.

The band comments on the track:

“‘Damage’ is the realization that you are involved in a toxic relationship. It investigates the thought process during these moments of clarity, and the determination to separate yourself from it.”

While on the tour supporting their breakthrough 2013 debut Lies to Light the Way, Myka Relocate spent a significant amount of time really interacting with their fans. As a result, the Houston group found the core inspiration for album number two, The Young Souls.

“It really opened my eyes to what music actually means to kids,” explains Ritter. “I always had my own idea from personal experience, but it was eye-opening hearing from fans after we played. Different songs react in ways we didn’t expect. There’s a lot more to it than just going to a show with your friends on a Friday night. There are so many emotions associated with it. We wanted to mix that human element into the music. This record was made for a high energy crowd to participate in a show. So many people are trying to find their place in the world: this record is for them.”

Myka Relocate have cemented themselves at the forefront of heavy music’s aughts trailblazers. They toured alongside everybody from Capture The Crown and For All Those Sleeping to The Word Alive. Now, the title of their new album capsulizes their vision, inviting everybody along for the ride.

“I want fans to know a lot of their personality was put into this record,” Ritter leaves off. “They were the muse for it. At the same time, I hope everybody sees Myka Relocate as something deeper. We are all The Young Souls, and we won’t burn out.”

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