New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring forth the charming single “Obvious” from Nightmare Air. The song is of o the band’s upcoming release, Fade Out, which will be released on  March 2nd via Nevado Records. The verses of “Obvious” are airy, like a wisp dancing in the air. The chorus utilizes full walls of guitars, synths and the vocal melodies to bring a surging energy to the song. This is a highly infectious song with gripping harmonies and steady drumming and needs to be heard.

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Nightmare Air—Dave Dupuis [guitar, vocals], Swaan Miller [bass, vocals], and Jimmy Lucido [drums]—emit swaths of analog synth transmissions punctuated by distorted guitars before succumbing to hummable hooks befitting of the big screen. The group planted the seeds for that evolution on the road in support of their critically acclaimed 2013 debut, High In The Lasers.  Not only did the band earn plaudits from FilterUnder the Radar Magazine, ArtRocker Magazine, and more, but they logged countless miles on tour alongside everyone from The Kills and Cat Power to The Cult, The Dandy Warhols, and more in addition to standout sets at SXSW and Starry Nights FestivalNamed after a skateboard move from an 80’s skate film, Los Angeles band Nightmare Air emphasizes sonic momentum, during both live performances and in the stu dio. In the end, Nightmare Air conjure a world worth falling into.

Photo by Josh Giroux


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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