We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of O.C.D.’s new song “I Don’t Despise You” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming debut EP Growth, which is being released on July 22 via The Native Sound, and will be available on limited edition cassette tapes (Light Pink – 20 // Green – 20) and digital format.

“‘I Don’t Despise You’ is the first song I ever wrote for OCD alongside my best friend AP. Around that time, I started having these intense realizations about who I was as a person, that I was meant for so much more than the kind of life I had been allowing myself to live. This song was written in the midst of a rough breakup. During this time, I had an epiphany that music is what truly brings me joy. This song is a declaration: shedding old skin, letting go of toxic relationships, becoming who you are truly meant to be. This song was the beginning of it all.” – Ethan White

Pre-order Growth here.

Growth EP Track Listing:
1. All the Things I Know
2. Best Friend
3. I Don’t Despise You
4. Awake
5. Fall
6. Somehow

Based in Oakland, O.C.D. are a band that bends genres. Fusing elements of bossa nova and latin jazz with indie rock, and an all encompassing spirit of DIY punk, the five piece is in the midst of releasing their debut EP, titled Growth. Over the course of six songs the band rips through songs of love, failed relationships, and the shedding of skin. Aptly titled, Growth is an EP about change. Growing into something different from what you thought you would, or were expected to. It’s a curious place for a band to start, but one that feels right for O.C.D.

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