We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Odd Dates’ new song “Teenage Dreams” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album Deep Cuts Don’t Keep the Mansion Running, being released on July 22nd.

“We recorded 95% of the album in a single weekend down in St Louis. Between the 8 hour drives and the 14 hour days recording, it was just an exhausting experience. I wrote the vocals to this song when we got home, and it turned into a meditation on all the lows I’ve experienced pursuing music. The song is a reflection of how all that stems from a single decision. A decision I made when I was 15 driving past the mall in my friend’s burgundy, piece of shit Saturn SL2 talking about all our big plans for the future. It’s an acknowledgement of the absurdity that so much came from so little.”

Odd Dates is the love child of Jeremy Dye and Sam Padalino. The duo’s collaboration ranges over a decade, from constructing shitty home made bongs out of water bottles in their parent’s basements to the sweet release of conquering post-secondary education. Their music drips in familiarity. Each song is an elaborate web as the two maneuver past, through, and around one another. Their brand of punk is defined by intricacies that are felt rather than formulated. Songs start, stop and proceed not by metronome but by chemistry.

Simple, honest lyrics juxtapose against sometimes chaotic, sometimes serene music to form unlikely anthems. Fitting illustrations of the charm and grime that defines the basements they were birthed in. One might be tempted to attach a genre to these songs after hearing one, only to listen to the next track and realize the sprawling landscape of styles laid out before them. “May I please have your attention / Please just fuck off at your earliest convenience” begins the scathing tirade of screams that closes out “Games”. “They told me / Do what you love / It’s what they said / But it’s not what they meant” calls out “Who Knew?” a bouncy, acoustic lamentation of broken promises familiar to many a 20-something. From experimental soundscapes to writhing hardcore to crooning love songs, Odd Dates ruthlessly kill their darlings and defy classification.

“Deep cuts don’t keep the mansion running,” said Dave Grohl once in a semi-obscure YouTube video. The album’s namesake, this quote perfectly describes Odd Dates commitment to their heartfelt, eclectic songs. Not satisfied creating yet another album about unrequited love, not satisfied with the status quo. Odd Dates stand their ground and state simply, confidently: Fuck the mansion.

Upcoming Shows:
7/15 – Kalamazoo, MI @ Bell’s Brewery
7/22 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Upper Room


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