New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive premiere of “The Good Kind” by the band Ottawa.

“‘The Good Kind’ is one of those song ideas that we kicked around for what felt like forever. We liked the song and always played it in our live set but felt it was just a little off and couldn’t quite wrap our heads around what it was lacking. During our recording session over the winter we decided to give it a shot and that’s when it all came together. Will Hooper (guitar) and I re-wrote a few of the parts we were playing and just those minor revisions changed it from a chunky rock song to a more melodic indie tune. Our in-house effects-guru Tim Czajka (guitar) and Matt Goldman (producer) combined a few pedals and came up with this awesome 80’s chorus sound for the guitar that gave the song a unique new-wave gloss. The intensity of Dale DeLong’s (singer) vocals is killer and the message is wise and super relatable. He wrote the song about being infatuated with someone that is totally crazy, but “The Good Kind” of crazy! Like when you think from the start they are way too wacky to be the person you’re going to end up with, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some fun and see where it goes anyways. You just never know what might happen, life can be nuts and doesn’t always make sense.”

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