We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Bay Area punk act Pity Party’s new song “Suicide Handbook”, the second single off their upcoming debut record Gnarbage, out June 3. Pre-orders available at pityfuckingparty.bandcamp.com.

On the song, singer Sarah Levy notes:

“Repressing emotions has never gotten anyone anywhere. Yeah, suicide handbook is a sad song, but it’s real and raw and it addresses feelings and experiences we’ve all had. The sleepless nights, the feelings of hopelessness; to hide these very real experiences only furthers the stigma around mental health. If we confront these issues, and learn to cope, learn to hold each other through the darkness; we can be whole again. You are real, your emotions are valid. We know this darkness, you don’t need to hide your pain. We haven’t found our footing yet, but there is a way out of the abyss. If we are open with our pain, we begin to heal. There is hope. This life is ours.”

The band will be touring around the west coast this summer, and will be heading out to play The Fest in Gainesville, Florida this fall.


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