We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Sages’ new song “With You” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album Sleepwalker, which is scheduled to be released on February 10, 2017.

Sages vocalist Dino Vidovich comments on the song:

“‘With You’ is a song I wrote awhile back when I realized that the world is on the cusp of a monumental shift in consciousness. As we all grow in that respect, and as all things in our human experience have an opposite polarity, ‘waking up’ and becoming a bigger light can also cast a bigger shadow. Seeing this play out in my life and on the world stage repeatedly through politics, religion, and social issues, I was inspired to write about it. I knew at that moment, regardless of how focused people are on the bad stuff, I was free to walk outside and breath the fresh air, I was free to get up and go wherever my heart desired, I was free to choose what thoughts I let occupy my mind. I felt alive and empowered and free, and to me, at a point in time where society appears to be focused on the opposite, With You was something I felt like writing and singing at the top of my lungs.”

Upcoming Shows:
January 21, 2017 – The Blue Lamp – Sacramento, CA w/ Tens Upon Thousands, Black Knight Satellite, Mechanism
February 18, 2017 – The Hellhouse – Gold River, CA w/ Colour 21, Misamore, Control
March 15, 2017 – Colonial Theater – Sacramento, CA w/ Norma Jean, He Is Legend, Capsize, Comrades


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